“And if I was from Paris, if I was from Paris, I would say, ooh la la la la la la la.”  ― Grace Potter and the Nocturnals 

I have never been so happy to hear English in my entire life.

As a Canadian we sometimes get judged for not knowing French even though what we learn is completely different. That Québécois French slang is a mess and should not be trusted. Was anyone else aware that Bonne fête à toi was not sung across Europe as “Happy Birthday” cause I sure as hell didn’t. Apparently it’s Joyeux anniversaire, except that’s not what I was taught in school.

France allowed Sarah and I to experience real European life. We stayed at the house of a friend in Bergerac and man did we enjoy the wine.

J’adore Paris.

It’s eloquent, beautiful and magical (or maybe that’s because I went to Disneyland). The streets are alive with the sound of music. Actually that’s Moulin Rouge playing in the back of my head. I watched that movie more times than I can remember growing up. That’s why it was a must on my list of things to see. And because it’s mentioned in Lady Marmalade. You know that song that goes voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir. The one we sang as kids and only realized years later what the words actually meant. Yeah. That one.

But finally the one thing I couldn’t stop talking about for weeks was happening, EuroDisney. I would not shut up about being able to meet Elsa (but apparently you can only meet her in the Winter). Before you ask, the Florida one is better and I haven’t been there since I was 7.

The baguettes, the barrettes, the moustaches.

I actually only tried the baguettes..

I wish that I had time to do everything I wanted. Unfortunately I never got to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night or walk through the Catacombs of Paris or see the famous Mona Lisa or the pyramid outside Musée du Louvre. But I guess everyone needs to have one of those trips in their life. Now I have an excuse to return.

Someday, someday, maybe.

Love Always,
xo Melissa


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