“We may have bad weather in Ireland, but the sun shines in the hearts of the people and that keeps us all warm.”  ― Marianne Williamson

As my friends like to say, I’m super lucky when it comes to contests, even in London. I won 4 passes to the UK Premiere and private screening of The DUFF with actress Bella Thorne in attendance. She is sweet, funny, beautiful and only 17. In my opinion the film was a little too much, but only in the sense of over-exaggeration. If you’re a teenager, you’d enjoy it either way. Hiding in the back of the audience was James McVey from The Vamps, a British band. I honestly only know of them because of their song Somebody to You that they featured Demi Lovato on.

I’ve been in London for months and I have only now stepped into Hamleys for the first time. The 8-story toy store is the dream for any child, even myself. I got sucked into purchasing a London Build-A-Bear. His name is Prince Harry. What can I say? I’m honestly 5 years old; I can’t even hide it.

For dinner we decided to go for burgers near Carnaby Street and under their gourmet fries/sides there was Canadian Poutine listed. Of course this excited me, until I read the description. “A mouth-watering combo of fries, free-ranged poached egg, caramelized onions and Bearnaise sauce. No cheese curds!” I’m sorry but that is NOT poutine, and calling it Canadian is just downright offence. We don’t want credit for something that disgusting.

This week was also the start to my big European adventure. Ireland, Spain and Italy.

Jillian, Sarah and I flew into Dublin, Ireland where we stayed at The Dean Hotel. It gets extra points for having Netflix on the TV. Not that we watched television all day long or anything…

We arrived after midnight and started our first full day bright and early. We booked the Cliffs of Moher tour with Extreme Ireland, a sight I highly recommend for everyone to see. The magnificent views from the platforms are positively breath-taking. For lunch we ate beef stew at Fitzpatricks pub. I’m not a big fan of meat but it was fantastic. Afterwards we stopped at The Baby Cliffs, did a short trek around The Burren and saw Dunguaire castle.

Aside from being exhausted from our lack of sleep this was a great way to start our adventure.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only just begun.

Love Always,
xo Melissa


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